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If your work involves Residential Real Estate Development, you will be pleased to discover...Land Value Analysis (LVA).

LVA Background    top

Land Value Analysis (LVA) was developed by professional real estate operators for the specific purpose of quickly analyzing the profit potential of any land parcel appropriate for  development. The Program evolved over the years with inputs from dozens of Developers and Realtors from coast to coast.

LVA was created for the mid-level executive and field personnel who have a thorough knowledge of land development and construction. Understandably, most of these folks tend to share a common case of 'computer phobia'... LVA  was designed to over come this problem. For this group, LVA has often proven to be of great value by allowing the free organization and expression of their knowledge and insight in a professional manner without clerical or technical assistance.  
 Although it was designed especially for Developers and Builders, other professionals in related fields report solid benefits from the program as well.

If you have taken the time to look critically at the data involved in a land development project, you will probably be surprised to find just how easy it is to 'nail down', refine and retain the variables with LVA . Using a unique Cashflow Model, the Program allows the operator to produce a professional quality Pro Forma with as little or as much detail as desired. It organizes the data, presents precise reports and reaches a 'bottom line' almost instantly.









LVA Power & Features    top

When you Download the LVA Demo you will experience the simplicity of the LVA Data Entry Circuit.   Here you will see the 'mysteries' and 'secrets' of land development reduced to a .'fill-in- the blanks' level of data organization.


Simple To Use

Only 'hunt and peck' keyboard skills are needed to do a professional quality analysis. The program can be mastered in a matter of hours using the on-line help notes.


Financial Functions

Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Net Present Value (NPV) financial functions are automatically calculated for all players including: Project, Developer, Bank, Landowner and Joint Venture Investors.


Best Guess Data

Tentative data may be used early in the analysis for a quick decision on a 'no go' project.


Cash Flow Chart

LVA's unique Cashflow Chart provides a month to month analysis of all asset changes both graphically and numerically.


Engineered Precision

LVA moves easily from tentative data to a fully engineered operation with valuable assistance in data organization and entry.


Flexible and Agile

With a single keystroke, LVA moves from a Single to a Multi Family mode, from Lot Development Only to a Develop and Build mode and a Project Life Span which can vary from 6 to 60 months.  A skilled operator can unlock the Program and  customize the process to suit his own needs.


Pro Forma

Data for a project may be entered, calculated, fine-tuned, recalculated and automatically printed in a Customized Pro Forma in a matter of minutes. Hundreds of data sets may be automatically stored and retrieved with little effort and disk space.



Summary  .  

Land Value Analysis (LVA)  is a unique product.  It was developed by professional real estate operators to quickly evaluate the profit potential of any raw land parcel appropriate for development. Using a Cashflow Model, LVA can produce a top quality ProForma in a matter of minutes.  From ‘best guess’ to engineered precision, the program can work with multiple loans, inflation/deflation, Joint Venture, Financial Functions (IRR & NPV), single family, multiple family, condominium,  industrial and commercial operations.  LVA works with both straight lot development or lot development and vertical construction combined.

Developer      top

Hollis Kirkpatrick is a real estate broker operating in the Tidewater Virginia area with 20 years experience in land sales. LVA was developed to assist in organization and presentation of Pro Forma for land sales.  If you wish to talk with the developer call: 757-343-7476


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